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What you see before you is an affordable green building material that is truly groundbreaking in its durability, ease of installation, its versatility of application, and amazing construction properties. BrocKrete is a new, patented product that has many applications from commercial to residential, and while it may look familiar, it’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

Why Brockrete

BrocKrete has many amazing abilities and attributes. Here is a list of some of the amazing benefits with more testing being done on an ongoing basis to increase the number of attributes.

Green Product

Our affordable green building material, Brockrete, is a revolutionary new product perfectly suited for residential or commercial applications. At Brockrete, not only do we utilize recycled materials in the product, but we even focus on recycling the water used in the production of this patented material.

Tornado and Impact Resistant

Yes, BrocKrete is officially rated to withstand impacts from an F5 tornado. We passed Tornado Impact Testing at the Texas Tech Wind Institute on September 18th, 2015. This was our second round of testing done by the awesome professionals at the Texas Tech Wind Institute. Tornado Shelters/Safe Rooms are coming in the near future. BrocKrete is also Earthquake and Wind Resistant. Official Testing results verified by Hands Engineering Firm in Santa Fe, NM.

Financial Savings

This product comes in under budget with at least a 25-30% savings over traditional sticks and bricks construction. Because of BrocKrete’s insulating efficiency, it also saves dramatically on heating and cooling costs over traditional construction methods.


BrocKrete is extremely durable, strong and long-lasting. We have panels over 15 years old and expect it to last much longer than traditionally built homes.

On Going Testing

Ongoing testing to determine other BrocKrete benefits will be done at our comprehensive research and development facility in beautiful Taos, New Mexico. Professional testing is being done on an ongoing basis to certify our in house testing results.

Challenges and Risks

We know there will challenges and risks along the way. Getting up to speed quickly will be of paramount importance. We expect challenges with production going from small batches to full-scale commercial production. We are working through scenarios on an ongoing basis to minimize the impact of these issues. We believe most of it can be handled through careful and thoughtful planning.

Currently, we are able to produce in small batches only and will fill larger orders as production capabilities ramp up, this may mean a delay in filling larger orders until we complete our manufacturing facility.

Other Ways to help

For all of you who want to help, but may not be able to contribute financially, you can still help us get BrocKrete out to the world. Our success is your success. Please share our video on your Facebook, LinkedIn, email or other online communities. We need your help in spreading the word about our revolutionary breakthrough construction product.

Remember to use the Indiegogo share tools to let all your friends know and get the message out. Together we can make a difference in the environment and help make buildings safer.

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